What We Do

Standard Clean
This cleaning option is best for homes in good shape and you want a domestic worker to clean it professionally.
If you decide to book a recurring service, we will always refer the same person so you can rest assured that the cleaner knows your place well and will take good care of it.
Deep Clean
If you just had a party or would like to clean every corner of your apartment or house, this option would be great for you. Deep cleaning add-on gives you extra labour hours and your cleaner can focus on details that need extra attention. This option works best if your house or apartment hasn’t been cleaned professionally in a while or you’re a very detailed person and would like an extra sparkle for your place.
Moving In/Out Clean
This service is designed to focus on every item in an empty apartment or house. Cleaner will focus on detailed cleaning in the bathroom and kitchen, inside cabinets and closets, inside appliances, windows and thorough cleaning of the floors. Please make sure that your place is empty so that the cleaning will be fast and flawless! Cleaners will also need hot water and electricity for an efficient cleaning process.
Sorry, we don't do the following
- Shampoo/steam carpet
- Clean TVs & monitors
- Move anything over 25 lbs
- Step higher than 2 steps on a stepstool
- Clean bio-hazards (mold, blood, bodily fluids)
- Clean up animal waste
- Remove paint from floors
- Clean high to reach areas & windows
- Laundry service
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